The Grenadines – living the great life

With a strong wind – 25 knots of north east – we sailed from Bequia to Canouan and then Mayreau. While arriving at Canouan, a barracuda fish decided he would be our lunch and put our fishing hook in his mouth.


After that delicious lunch and a walk on the island, we continued to Mayreau were we met Tikehau and its crew. Benoît the owner, Gabi and Théo (with whom we crossed the Atlantic),  were with 3 ladies on board, Judith, Madeleine and Catherine. It was nice seeing them over there 3 weeks after we left the boat in le Marin.

We spent the next day in Tobago Cays – the well-known marine park. We saw manta rays and turtles… And finished it in Petit Saint Vincent with Pina Coladas…



Our Grenadines trip continued at Clifton on Union Island. While the crew did walk to the top of Fort Hill, Mano and I did the clearance out of SVG (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ). It’s depressing how much time and money I wasted with those formalities in every country. Union Island differs from other Grenadines islands as it is more developed and hosts a small (30? People) French expats community.

Turtle in Tobago Cays Turtle in Tobago Cays


On our way back to the north, we successfully stopped in a small bay in Saint Vincent and then in Sainte Lucie – two pitons and finally at Rodney bay (still Ste Lucie). I will always remember Petit Byahaut Bay in SV. This deserted bay was the more than perfect spot for snorkeling, fishing and (trying to) catch coconuts from the trees. We also had a small birthday party for Pieter ! Last but not least, Pauline ( vriendje ) decided to go bare feet on a sea urchin…. As a result, lots of tears and certainly 40 pins in her foot ! (Aie aie aie).
The two pitons mooring was also very impressive, and our two professional snorkelers (aka Pieter & Roeland) enjoyed that spot as well… I was told there are some lobsters as well…

On our last day, Saturday Jan 17 , we sailed from Rodney Bay to Les Salines in Martinique, where we swum the whole afternoon and closed the trip in Sainte Anne.

Sainte Lucie les Deux Pitons Mooring Sainte Lucie les Deux Pitons Mooring Petit Byahaut - Saint Vincent (3NM south of Walilabou Bay) Petit Byahaut – Saint Vincent (3NM south of Walilabou Bay)



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