Bequia – the most perfect Caribbean Island

We arrived yesterday morning in Bequia – according to the Lonely Planet “The most perfect Caribbean Island “. I’m glad to believe it. The 2500 inhabitants managed to keep an equilibrium between authentic life and tourism.

The night sailing between Saint Lucia – La Raye Bay – was heavy – with 25 knots wind for the first night at sea for most of the crew.

On Bequia, the first Grenadines island when sailing from north to south, we did first some snorkeling followed by a jeep tour on the island. We finished the day by a drink at the Gingerbread café and dinner on board prepared by Roeland and Pieter. Jetlag combined with little sleep past 3 nights made us all go to bed at 8.30 pm.

Today we are heading to Mayreau and will likely meet with the crew of Tikehau.


Port Elizabeth in Bequia


Part of the team

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